[Gatesedge] Seneschal Position

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 10:13:36 PST 2006

To the Wonderful Populace of Gate's Edge,

If you are interested in a good challenge...I mean the
rewarding position of Seneschal of Gate's Edge, please
send your applications to:

1. The Current Seneschal (me) 
natashastorfer at yahoo.com

2. The Coastal Seneschal
coastal_seneschal at ansteorra.org

Applications are due by March 31,2007 and announcement
will follow.  April will be a month of transition and
at May's populace the next Seneschal will take over in

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to talk
about the requirements of the position, please feel
free to email me or call me at (281) 580-2060.

Thank you,
Natalia Auvert

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