[Gatesedge] Crown Gift Plans

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 14 06:39:09 PST 2006

To the Populace of Gate's Edge,

At our December Populace Meeting we discussed gifting
the crown.  I have contacted the Kingdom Chamberlain
since we thought finding out what they need would be a
good first step.  In the process I found out some
wonderful information and ask that you all keep your
eyes open for the new website described below, as it
will greatly help the process.  After we find out the
needs and where are skill fit, we can determine a
reasonable time-line.  More information is below...

Thank you
Natalia Auvert
Seneschal of Gate's Edge

Quote taken from previous email
"There are several things that the kingdom needs which
I am currently working on as Chamberlain. If you can
wait another week or two, the January BlackStar will
be out with my report and list of needed items, and
the new website for the Chamberlain's office will be
activated. Most of the stuff currently on the list is
for the Prince and Princess, simply because that's the
stuff I've seen recently. After Coronation I'll have a
better idea of what items are needed for the King and
Queen and will update the list on the website.

Gilyan Clonmacnoise
Chamberlain of Ansteorra"

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