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Medievil knights armor helmet with chain mail

Where do you go to get one of these!!!  HERE!

NO RESERVE!!!!This is a really cool item for decoration or to wear in medievil combat!! What a conversation piece for your next meeting of the Knights of the round table!How about the BEST halloween costume accessory!!It's SOLID and HEAVY. The helmet part is is steel and held together with rivets. The face gaurd looks to be copper or bronze and it is also attached with rivets. The inside of the helmet has a heavey gauge leather strap. I guess it's to adjust the way the helmet fits on the head and so it doesn't rest on your neck and shoulders. There is leather around the bottom perimmeter also to protect your neck and to support the chain mail that goes down over your shoulders. There is also a deep blue padded skirting under the chain mail I guess to protect you from the chain mail and the helmet (?) It's wearable and relatively comfortable once you get it adjusted right. The chain mail is really neat and also made of steel rings. Nothing lightweight about this baby it's all business no plastic here.That's all I can tell you. If you're a Dungeons and Dragons freak or want a cool and unusual conversation piece or a great start to a halloween costume or if you just need an accessory to go with that suit of armor in the closet you came to the right place. You can certainly find just about anything here on Ebay and here's the proof.Shipping and handling should run about $12 to $15.00 (lower 48) Insurance is optional but recommended and would run about $3.00. Although I doubt even the PO could damage this thing. It's built like a tank.We accept payment by Pay Pal or (you can sign up below. It's VERY handy plus they give you $5.00 to do it). We also take personal checks (must Clear) or money orders.Thanks for looking and happy bidding. I don't imagine these come up too often so don't get sniped by some sneaky last second bidder. Make a fair proxy bid. Ebay won't raise your bid until and unless somebody outbids your low bid.VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE GREAT DEALS ON OUTDOOR GEAR!!DON'T FORGET TO VIEW OUR EBAY ITEMS.WANT SOME FREE STUFF? 100% REBATES? COUPONS for almost anything?..CLICK HERE!! NO JOKE....You can get paid to be on the web. You could be getting paid right now.....I am. I'm getting and avearge of $195.00 EVERY MONTH and it is steadily growing.. Check it out. It's FREE to join. Thank me later. It really is a win,win,win situation. Everybody benefits. Take a look.DON'T FORGET TO BID FIRST!! VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE GREAT DEALS ON OUTDOOR GEAR!!DON'T FORGET TO VIEW OUR OTHER ITEMSI accept credit card payments with PayPal - its FAST, FREE and SECURE!  For a limited time only, you'll get $10 for signing up and activating your account.SIGN UP FOR and pay your auctions over the internet electronically. No more waiting for checks to get through the mail and clear, no more money orders. Sign up now. It's a COOL timesaver and they were paying you $20.00 to do it!!CLICK HERE!!Midevil, medevil,medievel,gladiator,armor,helmet,headgear,dungeons and dragons,dunguns,donguns,dunjuns,suit of armor,relic,old,antique,swords,sword,mace,shield,battleaxe,joust,warrior,knife,case,remington,stag,m-3,fighting,gear,military,collectable,ivory,damascus,blade,beanie,baby,knives,cattarrugus,kinfolks,spain,spanish,ninja,samuri,toledo,highlander,war 1, war 2, ww1,wwI,ww2,ww II,civil war,gun, blunderbuss,weapons,artillery,crossbow,artifact,new age,spiritual,supernatural,wizards,castle,unicorn,iron,saber,sabre,motorcycle,arrowhead,plummit,pottery,vase,clay,spear,indian,native american,cannon,vase,glass, helmet,

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