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Sun May 28 09:18:23 PDT 2006

to stay up to finish getting stuff ready Friday to go out and run the
tavern. To getting to site and setting up and running the tavern.
To organizing her fellow scarlet sister to assist in the tavern on Friday.
Lady Sabine, Lady Evelun, Lady Natilia, Lady Serin , and their Friends of
Sister, Lord Hugh, Lord Mattis, Tullas, Lord Bowen. The Nine of you worked
your butts off on Friday to make it all come off smoothly.

Tegan and Steven you organized A wonderful gate, and a very smooth gate. Kat
& her Lord, Rowen, Alialael, Hugh, Sabine, All of you commitment a good
amount of your time at gate. Thank you.

Oh my goodness, I have never felt so honored to be a part of a Group when
Saturday morning our ladies realized that no water bearing was setup.
Alisstassia, came to me in the Ladies Gallery and said there was none set
up. Off she went to start finding the coolers our canton members brought,
and water, and bottles. I went and found Master Michael he said Gwen was in
route to the event and would be there shortly. Once the pavilion was setup,
Lady Natasha, and Lady Sabine left the kitchen and stayed in the Water
Pavilion. The two of them made sure throughout the day that the coolers were
full, and that there was water on the field of the fighters.   Lady Evelun,
and Lord Hugh spent countless selfless hours walking and supplying water to
our heated populace. I don't know how you two did it in that heat. BUT as
one of the many you two watered I thank you. After he was done fighting,
Lord Mattis joined in on it also. Thank you all of any event Waterbearing is
the most important, I for one appreciate you all stepping up to the plate
although you had other commitments and doing this for the barony. Thank you
for all your walking, pouring , running when needed, with water.

Lord Tullas, I was in the Ladies Gallery for Chiv, and yet we heard you from
the Rapier side, you did a wonderful job, and I hope you decide that voice
heraldry is something you want to do, and if I can point you anyone please
let me know. Lord Henrick, Although I personally didn't get to see you this
time, you were there doing the voice heraldry for the Archery, and I have
been told that you did an truly amazing job. all this while you had the flu.

The Kitchen
WOW, You guys gave of yourself completely, you missed the entire event to
stay in that kitchen and to make sure we all ate well. Lady Robine, I don't
know how you did it you spent your week pre-cooking, then spent all day
Saturday in the kitchen on your feet. Your loaned your personal kitchen
wares, and all your time thank you ever so much.

You guys rocked, and I'm sorry things weren't smoother for you.
But after doing all the various you did all day long, an who deserved a rest
and to sit and enjoy the feast that you too paid for, you guys got up and
served the rest of us. Caitlin, Mattis, Nataila, Sabine, Tullas, Evelun you
were all a part of serving the head table, and champions, and entourage
tables, as being one of the ones at the entourage table I want to thank you
for the wonderful service you all provided to us. Our glasses and table did
not go bare. Thank you

I was not over there and for that I am sorry, but I have heard tell from Pug
about how wonderful and smooth everything was over there, Alisstassia, Ian,
Carrluico, Edrick Thank you.

Wow again, It was so nice once i finally made it out there to see that a
good part of setup was from GE. Thank you all very much.

Ladies, I will never be able to thank you for the last minute hard hours you
put in to once again step up to the plate for me and provide me with
wonderfully one scrolls for the Barony. I am please that our B & B asked for
us to provide them, and hope that we can continue to provide such amazing
work to them.
Evelun, Sabine, Natalia, Robine, Evelun I am always proud to have something
in my hands from you. You have each taught me more then I have ever taught
you and I thank you for giving me the inspiration that you do.

Sewing guild
The table cloths are amazing, Lady Damask, Lady Serin, Lady Fiametta, Lady
Natalia, Lady Evelun WOW!!! you work very hard on them and I appreciate it,
and not only did the B & B like them but
Patrick & Julia both made high remarks about them.

Caitlin thank you for providing the lunch for the royals.

Scarlet Sisters,
Your work at the Tavern as a unit was well received, and much appreciative.
We had people who as they came in the gate and told them that it was there
on Friday night were enthused and quickly made their way there and when they
came back, made comments about how the ladies were all dressed alike and how
they appreciated being served the food.
Thank you, and your gift basket to the B & B was truly a wonderful gift and
well received.

Lord Bowen, and Lord Mattius with all you had already done, you both joined
the list and fought amazing well ( Bowen the ladies gallery loved the
switching of swords, and shields from you and Askell) . Although you both
fought all day, once it was over you went off to work in other areas. Thank

Bowen, Serin you two don't know when to stop. Even with a new baby you were
both out there non stop; Thank you for everything that you did, and do you
are both an inspiration to this canton.

So many of you did so much, and I am so sorry if I have forgotten anyone,
but my brain is still recovering. After 61 hours of being up I finally slept
Saturday night, and after getting home from take down on Sunday slept for 17
hours ! So needless to say not all of my thoughts are active.

When someone asks me about this Canton I always say, well we are an A & S
and Service group, an it is events like this, this make me remember that
above all we are here to live our dream, and one duty of that is to make the
dream more of others. You each and everyone made that true this weekend. By
giving selflessly of your time, and giving of your service. Thank you all

All my love to my canton family,
Lady Lisabetta Micola da Monte

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