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Due to certain circumstances, I am the Acting Bordure Herald for the kingdom and can answer your question.  Your name was sent to Laurel Sovereign of Arms in the April 2006 Letter of Intent.  You can expect to find out if it was accepted or returned sometime around Aug/Sep 2006.
Your device was returned in the February Internal Letter of Intent, but I have not seen it the March, April, or May Internal Letters.  Since there was a transition of office at the Local level, you might want to email Asterisk Herald (Lady Emma de Fetherstan) and ask if she received your resubmitted device.  You can email her at asterisk at ansteorra.org.

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I was wondering if you had any information on my name and device yet?  They were sent in a while ago by Pixley.  The device had to be sent back for a problem, but it was sent back before he left.  
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