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Jennifer Guest gangrelgrrl81 at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 07:07:46 PDT 2006

Yes, I'm quite familiar with phishing, and it has been
happening to me a lot lately, so I installed new
virus/spyware/etc. software.  Why I posted this to
this list is that several of the people who were CCed
in the email are also members of this list: Natasha
Storfer I know for sure.  fencer_dan and
joan_griggs_sca sound like they probably are also.  My
computer seems to be clean, but any of the other
people who got an original phish like this and didn't
happen to check the CCs might want to scan their
computer.  Also, if anyone knows of any problem with
Pandasoftware Platinum let me know, since that's what
I'm using now.

Sorry for the confusion with the first email.  :P

Blessed Be,
Shiranami (aka Jennifer)

--- Mike Wyvill <wyvillmike at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I would be very suspicious of an email that told me
> I had to reset anything. 
> Especially with my bank account. Also I have had
> communications from my bank 
> but they were directed to me, not just a bunch of
> yahoo or hotmail accounts.
> Why would you get something from Washington Mutual
> like this if you are not 
> a customer?

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