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Hello All,

     The demo slated for Thursday June 7, 2007 (at WW Thorne Stadium, near
M.O. Campbell Educational Center 1865 Aldine Bender Road)is in accord with
the theme of the Boy Scouts Twilight Camp.  Actually it has to do with the
theme of "Knights".  I truly appreciate all who are volunteering for this
worthy demo.  I will wait an interval to see the total amount of volunteers
and then make a schedule for shifts.  Anyone and everyone is welcome and we
will just do what we do best, shine brightly for "The Dream"!

                                                ciarnat at nww.net

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Today's Topics:

   1. Re: Wanted:  Interested Persons To Assist With Demo
      (Hillary Greenslade)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 10:20:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [Westgate] Wanted:  Interested Persons To Assist With
To: "Canton of Westgate (Stargate)" <westgate at lists.ansteorra.org>
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We did a demo at the Twilight Camp a number of years ago, it was great fun.
However, they have not asked for us to return, perhaps they are not
currently focusing on the
middle ages.

As for working with Gate's Edge or Stargate, Ciarnet is the current
Hospitaler for Stargate,
though she also plays with Westgate.  Her original post went out to
Westgate, Gate's Edge,
Stargate and Loch.

Actually, considering the demo begins at 4:30, it's probably a good idea to
look for volunteers
who can participate that early in the day from a larger populace base, as
too few folks are off
work at that hour.

Hillary (who will have to take off work early if I'm able to participate).

--- Melody Soice <melodysoice at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ciarnet.We will be at the southwest area BSA Twilight Camp with our cub
scout den that week.
> The SW area camp is held (concurrently) at Houston Baptist University.  I
wonder if Mr. Gregg
> would do better to work with Gates Edge or Stargate proper since thier
region is so far out of
> our canton?BTW, Twilight Camp could be a good place to do demos.  Since it
is held in the
> evenings and the Boy Scouts (unlike the Girl Scouts) are all about
involving the families there
> will probably be a good number of parents at the camp in addition to the
kids.Let me know if you
> would like contacts or info on our region.Melody (aka Tommy's Mom, Den 6
> ciarnat at nww.netTo: westgate at ansteorra.org; gatesedge at ansteorra.org;
hou-announce at ansteorra.org;
> hou-announce2 at ansteorra.org; loch-soilleir at lists.ansteorra.orgDate: Mon,
23 Apr 2007 22:23:38
> -0500Subject: [Westgate] Wanted:  Interested Persons To Assist With Demo
> Fellow
> SCAers,
>      I was contacted by Mylo
> Gregg with the Boy Scouts, requesting a demo.  Mr. Gregg has requested
> for interested persons to attend and help show the children, both BSA &
> Girl Scouts, what life was like during the Middle Ages & Renaissance, the
> theme of their "Twilight Camp".  Twilight Camp is like day camp but
> held during the afternoon and evening to enable working parents to
> bring their children to the camp.  The "children AKA campers" will be
> up into groups and will rotate through four 45 minute sessions of
> kind of like a "King's College" type thing.  There will be approximately
> children at the camp.  Each small group will include 2 Scout adults to
> accompany the children. The Scout adults will be doing both
> the archery and B.B. Gun activities and need us to do four 45 minute
> sessions.
>     The demo is scheduled for
> JUNE 7, 2007 from 4:30 to 8:30 P.M. with SCAdians invited to show
> examples of, and not limited to:  dance, combat, A&S, teaching archiac
> games,  teaching handicrafts, rapier, chivalric, archery,
> etc.   The location is the W.W Thorne Stadium (near
> the M.O. Campbell Educational Center 1865 Aldine Bender
> Road).  The Campbell center has a stadium and amptheatre for our
> use.  PLEASE look at your calendars and if you can, come to
> the demo!  Come one, come all to help the children "experience an evening
> of history" and your community will appreciate your
> efforts.
>      Mr. Gregg needs to schedule
> our sessions and would like to know approximately who would be
particpating and
> what we would be willing to do.  Maybe we can devote one session to "Life
> during the Middle Ages" with SCAers showing things and talking about
> weaponry, roles of women (especially important as G.Scouts will be
> etc..  Would anyone be willing to teach a craft?  Mr. Gregg says
> that he really wants us to teach a craft of some sort.  I will be
> bringing along a static display of :  armor, examples of heraldic
> devices, photo album of SCA life, placards describing what the SCA
> offers, etc.
>      I will be at the demo the
> duration of the camp that evening and welcome any and all assistance from
> SCA sisters and brothers.
>       All interested
> parties, please contact me via this e-mail address, telling me what you'd
> most like to help do and approximate time you plan to be at the
> demo.
>  In Service to Ansteorra,
> Lady Ciarnat, Hospitaler Stargate
>                ciarnat at nww.net
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