[Gatesedge] Fw: Fall Event Budget reprojections

egrayfox egrayfox at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 3 18:41:10 PDT 2007

Please take a look at the new projections I have made with regard to the Fall event budget due to changes in possible income.

All questions should be sent privately to financial committee list or to personal email.

One main question is do we want to have ACCEPS setup.

What will the feast at the higher person count really cost?

Was there supposed to be a budget for water bearing?

      Old Gate's Edge Budget Fall Event         Expected Changes           
        People  Fee Total     People  Fee Total     
      Gate 90 9 810   Gate 120 9 1080     
      Feast Fee 60 6 360   Feast Fee 85 6 510     
            1170         1590     
      Expenses         Expenses           
      Site $487.50       Site $487.50         
      Feast $350.00   $5.83   Feast $495.83         
      Prizes $50.00       Prizes $50.00  Prizes Type unknown       
      Tokens $25.00       Tokens $25.00 Feats and Gate Tokens Type Unknown       
      Decorations $25.00       Decorations $25.00 Unknown       
      Misc $32.50       Misc $32.50 What might this cover?       
        $970.00       ACCEPS ? $15.00         
                Water Bearing? $0.00         
      Profit $200.00         $1,130.83         
                Profit $459.17         
                  $259.17 Extra Profit that can be used to cover       
                    Water Bearing/Extra costs due to Feast Overrun       
                    Decorations Tokens Prizes       

Ld Eric
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