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On Jun 19, 2007, at 8:12 PM, egrayfox wrote:
> Ok, so what is the status?!?
> Have not heard anything in 24 hours
> Ld Eric

Lord Eric,

The following was posted earlier today. Reposting for you (and anyone  
else who missed it). Our prayers are with Don Brian. :-)


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> Don Brian went into surgery at around Midnight and
> came out around 6:30 this morning.
> They pinned and stiched him back together ;)
> and the prognosis is good.
> He is in Shock Trauma ICU. He will be heavily sedated today.
> Since he was life-flighted... and  they give people "nicknames"
> for the 1st 24 to 48 hours you may or may not be able to find him  
> under his name.
> His nurse asked me to remind people that per HIPPA
> they can only give information to specific individuals.
> He has asked that if people want to send cards, pictures, or other  
> well wishes
> to please wait til he takes up residence in a private room.
> He reitterated to me that he thanks everyone for their thoughts and  
> prayers.
> Per the paper it was a head-on collision. The other driver  
> overcorrected and hit him. The other driver and one of the two  
> children in the car were also lifelighted.
> L DeerSlayer

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