[Gatesedge] Shire Yule Party

Cynthia Mills cymills at baronbows.com
Mon Nov 19 09:56:50 PST 2007


Just a reminder that the Shire of Gate's Edge Yule Party is planned for 
December 15th. 

At the Shire Yule Party, J&M's Timeless Photography, ran by Jennifer & 
Mike Dudley, will be offering free sittings for those who wish to have 
family portraits taken.  The photos will be available online and can be 
ordered in various sizes.  An email will be sent when the portraits are 
available for viewing and purchasing.  You are not obligated to purchase 
any photos.

There are plenty of rooms available in my house for changing into more 
formal clothing for the portraits so please take advantage of this 

If you have any questions about the sittings you can contact Mike at: 
michael at jmtimeless.com.

Cindy Mills

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