[Gatesedge] Castle hopping

Ruth Srock cast1es at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 09:00:53 PDT 2007

  One of my favorite vacation plans, is to go castle
hopping in Europe.  I'm contemplating Spain and/or
Portugal and/or Italy for my next trip sometime next
year, and wondered if anyone else would be interested
in joining me.  Frankly sharing costs is a whole lot
cheaper than going alone.

  Past experience has taught me that castles tend to
be clustered together in specific areas, depending
upon the defense required for a country, and it's ease
of travel layout.  For instance two years ago, I
toured France.  Many castles were clustered along the
Loire valley, as transportation on this placid river
was most convient in the Medieval time period.  Many
castles are now handled by National Trusts, and have
been well maintained or historically refurbished.

  Please note, this is not an official SCA event, but
I thought it likely that I might find a travel
companion interested in such here.  If you are
interested please e-mail me.



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