[Gatesedge] Huge Thank You For Helping At Camp Cliff Demo

Ciarnat Ciarnat at consolidated.net
Sun Oct 12 14:32:43 PDT 2008

SCA Sisters & Brothers,

      Sincere and grateful thanks to members of Stargate, West Gate and all
who participated and helped make the demo at Camp Cliff a success.  A
special thank you goes to Shadowlands for bringing along a large, energetic
and fun group that helped to demonstrate many facets of period life.

      Every SCAer that volunteered, helped to provide interesting,
educational and fun ways to help the camping children, take their minds off
their illnesses for at least a little while.

      Some memorable moments of the demo included:  the enthusiastic and
lively participation of the adult campers and children campers pairing up
with SCAers to learn a period dance, the excited "oohs and aahs!" when the
campers witnessed Thomas using the trebuchet to launch projectiles at the
foe (AKA baseball diamond), the cheering and yelling of the campers
witnessing Rhodri and Bastian battling away during a chivalric scenario, the
energetic foot action applied by the children to power the wood lathe set
up, children trying their hand at Inkle loom weaving and finger loop
braiding under the guidance of Maria, the Shadowlanders dancing up a storm
and campers practicing penmanship at the calligraphy table.

     A tip O' the hat goes to:  Thomas Atte Woode, Brenna MacDonald,
Aynsley, Fenris, Draco Stormdancer, Hillary Greenslade, Ihon Vinson
macFergus, Elizabeta Maria dei Medici, Leofwine Of Sumersaetum, Kaitlyn
McKenna, Rhodri ap Gwythyr, Bastian Eisengart and the other fine lords and
ladies of Shadowlands.  (Please forgive spellings of your names and anyone's
names I have accidentally forgotten).

    The site management, the Camp Cliff staff and the campers all voiced
their appreciation for all of the hard work and fun we had in holding this
demo for them.

                  Thanks again!


                Hospitaler Stargate

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