[Gatesedge] Yule at Wanderer's Rest - Dec. 19 2009

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Tue Dec 15 12:59:23 PST 2009

As the nights grow chill we are signaled to begin planning for the Yule 

*Yule Party*
Saturday Dec 19, 2009   6PM til ...
The Shire of Gates Edge is cordially invited to a holiday party hosted 
by Honorable Lord Eadric and Lady Cynthia (Scott and Cindy Mills)
The party will be held Saturday December 19 at Wanderers Rest starting 
at 6:00 pm.  Directions can be found on the Shire of Gates Edge website 
under Archery Practice:  http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org 
There will be a gift exchange for those who wish to participate.  If you 
would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift that an SCA 
person would like, no gag gifts please, with a marking of Boy, Girl or 
Either.  For those who are bringing children to the party, there will be 
gifts under the holiday tree for them.
There will be an assortment of hot food items which will be provided by 
your hosts, sides and deserts are welcomed (vegetable platter, cheese 
platter, olives, holiday salads, etc).  If you would like to help with a 
food item, please send an email to cymills at scabrewer.com 
<mailto:cymills at scabrewer.com> letting us know what you will be 
bringing.  Non-Alcoholic beverages will be provided by your hosts.  If 
you would like something stronger, please feel free to bring your own 
An RSVP to cymills at scabrewer.com <mailto:cymills at scabrewer.com> with a 
count of the number of adults and children is greatly appreciated.

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