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Darlene Burns annescvb at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 09:05:51 PST 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

This coming week, on Friday, January 1st will be the first anniversary of
Mark and I becoming a legally married couple in the state of Texas. Some of
you may want to help us celebrate this with cards or small gifts. We intend
to be home most of the day on the 1st and then go out for a celebratory
supper at either Saltgrass Steak house or Texas Land and Cattle at the
Willowbrook mall area. More details to follow soon as to which one and what
time, should you wish to join us. Let us know you plan on eating with us so
we know how many to ask for reservations.

As you may know, the 1st anniversary is the Paper anniversary according to
tradition. The modern gift is one of clocks. (According to About.com
http://marriage.about.com/cs/anniversaries/a/wedannivideas.htm "1st through
100th wedding anniversaries gifts and ideas" Pretty interesting read.) But
no clocks please, we have plenty of those.
Many of you have expessed an interest in what sort of gifts would be
appreciated. While I am not one to pooh-pooh tradition, if you are
scratching your head about what sort of paper gifts would be welcome as I
am, I am in need of some new pot holders for the kitchen. I really would
like the type that fits over your whole hand and gives you a thumb to grasp
with. Color is not an issue. I like just about all colors. I have heard
there are these really good silicon grasping gloves out there. But I don't
know if they are expensive.

I also find that I could use some spatulas and could use a couple more big
stirring spoons. I really like the bamboo stirring spoons. Almost all of my
cookwear has some sort of coating on it that metal will scratch so plastic,
wood, bamboo, nylon or rubber is the way to go.

A third possible gift idea is to give us the gift of your time. (Would that
work into the modern gift of clocks???) I can always use help around the
house with my legs being so bad so a gift of "I will come up and clean the
TV room all you have do is sit and direct me" would be a wonderful gift.
Likewise a gift of "I would love to help paint" or "I will come do some yard
work" would be oh, so appreciated.

We sincerely hope that a few of you will be able join us as we celebrate
this milestone in our relationship. We couldn't have made it without you.

Darlene & Mark
Annes & Thorgard
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