[Gatesedge] Youth Practice

peter howard chivalri at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 8 06:27:53 PDT 2009

I have been taking some of my children to fighter practice with me on Sundays in Gates Edge and will continue to do so on the Sundays I can make it out there in hopes that we can get a Youth Marshal and perhaps some other youth participants there.  Unfortunately, I cannot commit to every weekend due to my ex wife having some weekend visitations that conflict.

I can; however, commit to bringing one or more of my three children that wish to boffer to the Sunday in the Park every month.  Perhaps we can get some other people with boffer interests to show at that time for a Stargate, Loch-Soilleir, Ravensfort, Gates Edge, West Gate combined area boffer practice?  This comming "Sunday in the Park" (Fourth Sunday, June 28 this month) I will be bringing at least 4 boffer participants (one is a friend so I will bring a waiver signed by his parents with me).

I am going to work on trying to find someone in the area that is a youth marshal to show up...

I will also bring lots of beverages and snacks to share...

My children are very excited about the prospect of having a boffer practice (besides the unofficial ones in our back yard).



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