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Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 13:49:00 PDT 2009

    This is just a reminder for everyone that for official sanctioned
SCA practices, you must have a marshal warranted for that specific
activity, a warranted officer of the local group, and it must be announced
in some official form.  Recently, e-mail lists have been approved as an
official form of communication for groups.  Gate's Edge does not have a
warranted rapier marshal.  We have been wanting to get more rapier activity
in the Gate's Edge area for quite some time.
    While I am thrilled that we have people excited about spreading rapier
combat, we must dot our "i's" & cross our "t's," ensuring that we follow all
the rules.  While some people merely make "unofficial" practices to get
around these rules, if an unofficial SCA activity occurs at the same place
and time as an official SCA activity, it is treated as a part of the offical
    Fortunately, I have been talking to some people and have been planning
on coming up to the Gate's Edge practice.  Since King's College is only a
day trip event, I, as the Regional Marshal, was going to come up on Sunday
anyway.  I will see you all on Sunday at practice.

In Service,
Brian O'hUilliam
Coastal Rehional Rapier Marshal

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> Howdy! For anyone interested, some of us from Raven's Fort are going to be
> making the trip down to your practice on Sunday. We are bringing extra armor
> and blades, so anyone who wants to come play put this day on your calendar!
> Amy Lee
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> it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend
> into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them."
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