[Gatesedge] Sunday Fighter Practive

Lemoine Beers loco.cerveza at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 21:46:53 PDT 2009

Unto the good people of Gate’s Edge:

I, Lemoine de Gascony, do send greetings. I have become active in the SCA
after a long break. It was my idea to bring the loner gear from Raven’s Fort
and only I alone should be held responsible for it. I was over zealous in my
actions and do send heartfelt apologies. I had not taken in account the
impact of the internet on the SCA nor how large the SCA has become when I
was inactive. I was not on your list so I asked that my idea be posted via
another. I was wrong for that. I should have signed up and posted myself. I
should have never asked another to put them in harms way. For this I also
apologize. I do strongly believe that the rules and polices that we have in
place are good and protect everyone as a whole. I once again state that it
was my idea and as foolish as it was it was meant with the best intentions
and in the spirit of learning and sharing of knowledge. I freely admit that
I was wrong and will accept full responsibility for these actions.

Lemoine de Gascony loco.cerveza at gmail.com
If you are thinking you are winning, Resistance is victory, Defeat is
impossible, Your weapons are already in hand, Reach within you and find the
means by which to gain your freedom
                               Fighting with Tools
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