[Gatesedge] Master Arachne the Red, 'Spider', Memorial Service

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 15:37:33 PDT 2010

Forwarding to the Houston SCA list and the North Houston SCA list (see below for 

May I suggest that you plan to bring a chair, if seating is wanted, as well as 
an umbrella (supposed to be wet this weekend).  

Regards, Hillary Greenslade

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 16:54:36 -0500
From: Ray Frankum <krfj at hotmail.com>
Subject: [Loch-soilleir] Spider's memorial

A memorial for Spider will be held at his daughter Susan's home in Pearland on 
Saturday beginning at 7 p.m. I asked her about space limitations, and she said 
she didn't care; the more people who knew Spider who show up, the better. I'm 
passing around her work cell number and her work e-mail, since they're already 
all over the web, but she doesn't want her address posted for the world to see. 
Call or e-mail for directions. Her work cell is 832-453-8780 and the e-mail is 
suzzala at gmail.com .

I already asked if we could bring anything, and she said she thought she'd be 
okay, unless we're bringing a boat-load of folks (lessee, how many socks do we 
need to make coffee?). She has requested that if anyone has any photos of the 
Old Man they could share, please bring them. Blanche is supposed to bring the 
old kitchen banner.

I know I've only got the Loch list in the address header, but if I followed los 
links correctly, that's the source of my original notification of Spider's 
passing. By all means, however, spread this info to any list or individual you 
deem appropriate. Susan would like you to cc her, 'though, so she'll recognize 
the addresses when they hit her inbox.

Ray/Gwaelynn (RMoS)
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