[Gatesedge] To Middle Eastern drummers and dancers...

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Thank you so much for getting this put together for our area. I have no experience but I do have a drum and have always wished I knew what to do with it. I will be coming straight from work so need to know if this is a garb thing. 
I am going to try to go to the fighter practice at Meyer Park on Sunday (3pm, right?). If there is anyone who wants to bring their drum and give me some pointers while our guys are in their zone I would appreciate it.
Old but still want to play,
L Judith Elena Crissi

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My apologies to anyone who receives this multiple times from different lists.  I'm attempting to reach all interested parties.

As I am the Coastal Regional Herald, (until the end of August) I am sometimes required to attend various Populace Meetings, which are mostly on Monday nights.  So my preference would usually be for Wednesday nights.  However, I have something else planned for Wednesday night next week, so, Monday night at Simone's from 7:00pm until 9:00pm sounds good to me for our first meeting, as long as that is still OK with Simone.  Please contact Simone privately for directions.

Gwen and I are willing to host most, if not all of the time, starting Wednesday, 7/28/2010.  7:00pm sounds like a good start time.  We can play until about 10:00pm at our house if we last that long.  We live outside the Houston city limits, inside Harris County.  I have been told by the Sheriff's Office, when I called at midnight about one of our neighbors, that there is no noise ordinance in our area; that they would ask them to turn it down; but they could not issue any citations for it.  I don't think our neighbors will complain as long as we shut it down by 10:00pm.  We live off of SH249 at Breen, which is inside the Beltway in the NW Houston area.

We can talk about locations and times further when we get together Monday, 7/19/10, 7:00pm, at Simone's.

Since it looks like there is going to be enough interest, I will set up a Yahoo Group for us to keep in touch.  I will send out invitations to everyone who has expressed interest, once I have it set up.

Thanks to all of you for the enthusiastic response!


Herr Dietrich
mka: Steve Scott 
832-295-3763 Home
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Numerus vestri pluma!
Number your feathers!

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also - Robert prefers Wednesdays to Mondays if we host at our house.

> only if Dietrich is willing to drive that far since he's the one who got this whole thing started.
> regards,
> Simone
>> So, Simone's this upcoming Monday July 19th, 7-9?
>> Simone, thanks for offering to host... if you don't want to post your addres
>> here I would be happy to organize private email invites to all the respondents.
>> Doom Ka-Doom-Ka,
>> Cormac

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