[Gatesedge] Our Bella Luce Award

Carolyn Young caitlin37 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 17:18:01 PDT 2010

Unto the Populace of Gate's Edge,


Once again we will be awarding our Shire's A&S award, the Bella Luce.  The guidelines are as follows:


1. Has to be an active member of the Shire of Gate's Edge.  Does not have to be within the zip codes, but play as a Gate's Edge member.

2. No minimum amount of time belonging to the Shire.

3. Posthumous awards allowed.

4. Static and active allowed.

5. Recommendations from the Shire for whom to elect for membership.

6. New members to be selected by the Seneschal, A&S Minister, and Chronicler.

7. Members to be added annually at one calendar event.


The current members of the Bella Luce are:


Baroness Adelicia Brabent

Lady Fiametta della Rovere

Lady Gisele de Bier

Lady Rixende la Serin Noir

Lady Groa Ulfsdottir

Lady Natalia Auvert


If you know someone who meets these requirements, please let us know.  Also, this list was last updated in 2005 so if anyone is not on the list but should be, please let us know.


Thank you,

HL Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead


So much to do and so little attention span to get it done with.

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