[Gatesedge] Newcommer Kits - A call for donations.

Antonio de Latour delatour at ymail.com
Mon Sep 27 09:36:45 PDT 2010

Unto the populace of Gates Edge,
We are working on newcomer kits for Our Celtic Harvest Event in a few weeks and 
are in dire need of help from our Populace!
Do you have old or unwanted items? Are you ready to purge some of the 
overwhelming abundance in your SCA totes? If so please consider the following 
list and make a donation.
We will accept the following items for our newcomer kits;
      Medium sized baskets
      Feast gear consisting of
        Spoons, forks, knives
    Dinner Plates
If you have some or all of the above items please contact me or the event 
Autocrat to schedule pickup of your donations.
Donations for this event will be accepted through October 6th in order to ensure 
proper planning of purchases for missing items after the deadline. However, you 
may contact your Seneschal or Hospitaller at any time if you feel the need to 
purge your SCA closets. After all we must pay heed to the idiom “One man’s trash 
is another man’s treasure.”
Also, There will be a Hospitality tent on site near the List Field near the 
Royal Tent (location may change). Feel free to refer all the first timers to the 
Antonio de laTour
ich diene
to: Gate's Edge List
cc: HE Gwendolen McIver
att: Gate's Edge Donation Correspondance.pdf

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