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I understand his concern, the heat is a big issue to folks who are not in it all day. I also looked at the forecast for sunday and saw a high of 102 but that will come about 3:00 well after the fighting is over. It will be in the 90's at 10 when we start, our spot is well shaded, and people want to fight.  It is the fighters choice to take the field. All that being said, I would support the canceled practice if fighters were unwilling or uncomfortable fighting, that does not look to be the case. We have several new or returning fighters who are starting to look to this practice as a "go to" practice, we have momentum, we have interested fighters. Please let the populace know a final decision as soon as possible as people are considering driving from as far as Huntsville to come. 


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Subject: Re: [Gatesedge] [Coastal]  GE Fighter Practice CANCELLED

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