[Gatesedge] Fw: Banners to Decorate the Ansteorran 'Fellowship' tent at War

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Wed Feb 2 11:22:49 PST 2011

I know at one time we had two banners made by Serin and/or the Sewing Guild.  I have one of them.  Does anyone know what happened to the other?

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Subject: Banners to Decorate the Ansteorran 'Fellowship' tent at War

      Good day,

      I am Lady Castellana Donea from the Barony of Wiesenfeuer. I am co-operating with Emerald's Keep to decorate the Big 'Fellowship' Tent at Gulf War this year.  One of the sugesstions pressented to us, that we realy liked, was trying to optain a banner from every group who is going to have a pressence at Gulf War this year, and display them within the tent.  If You could please let me know if anyone from your area is attending Gulf War this year, and if they would be interested in lending us a banner for the Ansteorran tent. Thank You for for time and attenchion in this matter.

      PS If you are a Barony with other lands under your protection, could you please pass on this request.  Thank You.


      Lady Castellana de Andalusia
      known as Castellana Donea
      Protogee' to Syr Burke Kyriell MacDonald
      Rom Bara of House Patrin Or
      Wiensenfeuer's Deputy Herald
      Kingdom Armillary Pursuvant 

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