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Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 06:57:41 PST 2011

What follows was sent to everyone at the company where I work.  The plant is 
located off US290 at 7007 Pinemont, Houston, TX 77040.  Send your application by 
email with resume attached to Recruiter AT OYOGeospace DOT com .  You may use my 
Mundane name as a reference.


Herr Dietrich Strobelbart
mka: Steve Scott 
Numerus vestri pluma!
Number your feathers!


The following  list shows our current open positions.  Many of these are 
generally filled  by unskilled workers, but experience would be a plus.  The 
jobs pay in the $8 to  $9/hour range, and night positions receive 50 cents extra 
per  hour.
6 Soldering  positions 
·        Experience in PC board rework would  be ideal; however we definitely 
need people who can handle the very small gauge  wires in the Geophone areas (26 
to 40 gauge wires)
4 Mold Machine  Operators (2 day shift and 2 night shift)   
5 Painters –  night shift only – 
·        To work in the paint booth for the  Mold Shop.
5 Trimmers – day  shift only
·        To trim rough  edges on plastic molded parts.
4 Sandblasters –  (2 day shift and 2 nights shift)
·        To prepare metal  parts for painting and molding processes
(the following position is salaried)

1 Sales Director,  Offshore Sales – this position is still open.  The ideal 
candidate would be  familiar with offshore operations that use electrical and 
cable products or  someone who has experience in a sales function at a cable  
To apply, send an  email with a resume attached to Recruiter AT OYOGeospace DOT 
Thank you,
Lacey  Rice
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