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I chose that night because it is payday for me and it is a free night after Gulf 
Wars. The exact theme is what will be discussed at the planning meeting. The 
time period is late 1348 Venice, right at the end of the Plague. It can have a 
slight Madri Gras theme since it is a celebration. For those that cannot make 
the planning meeting, minutes will be posted somewhere that I get space to post 
them so everyone can see what was discussed and make comments or suggestions. 
Though I am Autocrating, this is your event Shire. So speak up when the 
opportunity presents itself.

Robert of Coleford

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  Oh my. I have a long standing Friday nights engagement.  We usually start 
around 5 or 6.  Venice still sounds really interesting.  This may sound a little 
silly, will this have a Mardi Gras as well as Black Plague theme?  Have no idea 
what time of year the BP lurched onto the scene.  I'm assuming planning and 
exacution won't always or only be Friday nights.

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The time period is 1348 Venice, Italy. Right at the end of the plague. 

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OK so what time period frame are we talking about Venice late period?  I am 
thinkg about this because I am normally the person people are asking to do 
scrolls.  I figure I will still be alive enough to paint and such so what do you 
have in mind?
I attached old 2004 scroll for viewing.
Don't tell anyone but I work for the company Luby's Fuddruckers so I will try to 
be at the planning meeting.

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>Subject: [Gatesedge] Bring Out Your Dead
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>That is the name of the Fall Event. It will be a Venetian celebration of the end 
>of the Black Plague. I am placing the call out now, save me from myself. Contact 
>me to be a part of the planning committee. You don't have to do much, just help 
>me coordinate what plans to be a fun event. I have some ideas, but could use 
>some help in the finalizing of...well...everything. I am planning the first 
>"meeting of the dead" at the Willowbrook Fuddruckers 7511 FM 1960 West, Houston, 
>TX 7707. This will happen Friday April 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm. The massive plate of 
>mini burgers are on me. 
>For the Shire!
>Robert of Coleford
>Herald, Shire of Gate's Edge
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