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  While the hospital had planned to release Carla, they discovered a very high white blood count.  They thought they had caught a sever kidney infection and placed her back in ICU, instead of releasing her.  As it turned out it wasn't a viral infection after all. Some of the medications she was on for recovery from the triple by pass surgery for her heart, after her 
heart attack, convienced her blood cells to attack her kidney and it then spread to her liver.
She remains in sever condition, but I believe they've made some improvement to her liver problem.

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Dear Antonio,
Thank you so much for letting us know. Poor Clara! She certainly has had a rough go of it. But I know many people who have had this surgery and came through just fine so I am hopeful that all will be well with her also. Prayers certainly speeding her way.
"Munerius Ultra Sanitas"

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To all;
I learned yesterday through a phone conversation with my partner's brother that his aunt, Lady Clara Marshall, had suffered a heart attack on Tuesday night. She was rushed to the VA hospital where she was stabilized. It was found that she had 3 main arteries collapse which cannot be repaired by stents. Lady Clara is doing fine and is scheduled to have triple bi-pass surgery tomorrow at the VA hospital. 
With her permission I am sending out this message to the list and will send updates as they are made available.
Please keep her in your prayers.
Antonio de LaTour  
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