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Darlene Burns annescvb at gmail.com
Tue May 10 15:40:00 PDT 2011

This came across the Shire of Gatesedge wall last night from Margo:

It has just come to my attention that you guys may have been given false
information about Carla's condition. She is in the hospital, yes. It is
looking bad, yes. But she is not in induced coma and she has not been given
48 hours. What is actually going on is that she went into the hospital a
couple a weeks ago after a minor heart attack and while there they found a
few blockages in her heart. They performed a triple bi-pass that worked just
fine. She then got a kidney infection and they gave her some medicine. This
medicine then had a very rare reaction to another medicine she was on and it
caused her body to start to attack its self. Basically her red blood cells
were exploding. They gave her whole blood and it seemed to fix that. Shortly
thereafter, her liver started to shut down for unknown reasons. This problem
is still trying to be fixed but its looking better. Yesterday, the blood
thing, where its exploding and what-not, came back. They have got her
through the worst of it but it still could go south. We are all setting our
selves up for the fact that she could pass but we know that she is a fighter
and can beat this.

She requested I post it here for those who don't do Facebook.
"Munerius Ultra Sanitas"
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