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Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 09:08:16 PST 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to give Word-Fame and Heart-felt Thanks to all of those who helped make the Hafla and other Middle Eastern activities at Bordermarch Autumn Melees such a wonderful success!  My apologies to any of you who receive multiple copies of this missive, my intent is to reach all of those involved, not to overwhelm.

To Her Excellency, Honorable Lady Gwendolene McIver, Baroness of the Court of the Outlands, for teaching me the difference between a Drum Circle and a Hafla, (Hafla is Arabic for party, with full Middle Eastern hospitality, including food, non-alcoholic drink, music, dancing, and gifts for the performers), for being the Hostess for our Hafla, for making sure that all of that wonderful Middle Eastern hospitality happened, and for being my wonderful, loving, understanding, and forgiving lady-wife-and-love-of-my-life!  ;-)

To His Excellency, Jarl Hrafn Olafsson, for graciously assisting with leading the drummers!
To Her Excellency, Mistress Rhiannon verch Bryan, Baroness of Loch 
Soillier, for allowing Antonello, Ceara, and I to drum for her dance 
class; for providing behind-the-scenes advice, support, and 
encouragement; and for dancing!
To Her Excellency, Honorable Lady Simone Valery La Rousse, Baroness of 
Stargate, for drumming, dancing, and behind-the-scenes support!
To Honorable Lord Antonello del Bello, for the cheese tray, drumming, and tireless moral support!
To Honorable Lady Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead, for the wonderful Sekanjabin recipe and the Voice of Reason!
To Lady Ceara Mac an Ghabhann, for providing copious amounts of hand-made hummus, one of the rugs, drumming, and dancing!
To Lord Orin Ketilsson, for the pita chips and drumming!
To Lady Nan Turnbull, for drumming and for donating the hand woven belts!
To Lord Rolf and Lady Patricia, for the wonderful assortment of pickled olives and veggies!
To Lady Angelica Veronica de Granada for coordinating all of the behind the scenes support from our Host Barony Bordermarch, and for dancing!
To Lord Joachim van der Haus, for assisting with the drumming class and 
for bringing his incomparable musical talent, doumbek, bass drum, 
violin, and riqq to the hafla!
To the Queen's Table Tavern, for graciously donating large coolers of lemonade and tea!
To mylord Wolf de la Wode, for having the courage to demonstrate that men can dance too!
And to all of the drummers and dancers whose names I either never learned, or lost track of in the shuffle, for being there and helping to make this Hafla a true PARTY!  ;-)

To anyone who did anything to help, who did not make it on to this list, for whatever reason, my apologies and unending gratitude!

It was my pleasure to be your Host and I hope that everyone had a good time!

Yours in Service,

Herr Dietrich Strobelbart
Per bend argent and gules, a cock contourney counterchanged.

mka:Steve Scott 
Numerus vestri pluma!(Number your feathers!)
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