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Thank you to Robert of Coleford for sending the announcement in regards to
archery practices.  Thanks go to all involved in bringing this to fruition.
Many persons in the area expressed interest in archery and now they can try
their hand at it.  Coastal Ansteorra boasts of some of the best archers in
the kingdom!

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Today's Topics:

   1. Fw: Coastal Land (Hillary Greenslade)
   2. Archery (Darnell Daniels)


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Subject: [Coastal] Coastal Land

This is general information, I will be marking out land for the groups
in the Coastal area.? These lands will be first come first serve to
those who have pre-registered unless someone wants to coordinate tent
placement for your local group.? I can send out the group registration
info to your local land coordinator as soon as I get it from the war.

Also there is only FOUR days left to register online, as of today I
only have 36 people registered for the the entire region.

Please email me the following info when you register:

Last Name
First Name
SCA Name
Confirmation code? ? (starts with an "E")
Group Camping with
Tent length
Tent width
Arrival Date

In Service to the Dream,

HL Gavin MacGiollaRua
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From: Darnell Daniels <dmage121 at yahoo.com>
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It is official, we have an archery range. As son as we get the archery
equipment we can set times and dates. I need to know if we have portable
tables and lean to's or pop up pavillions. I will hunt us down some archery
marshalls. The first practice will be in April (after the tax season) and
once a month there after.

For the Shire!
Robert of Coleford
Herald, Shire of Gate's Edge


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