[Gatesedge] Results of the Chip and Grill:

Darnell Daniels dmage121 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 06:46:59 PDT 2012


In a word hot. We cleared and chipped and cleared then chipped some more. Thorgard made an excellent foreman and had everything in order. Leofwyn and Erick, along with Jason were tireless workers and braved the heat. Andrew and I and the chipper and felled another tree. James was my firebug, he tended the burn pit and the grills. Anes was our spirit as she provided the chocolate covered strawberries and the watermelon. Jennifer was our chiurgeon (well mine) and had stuff for our ailments. Eppie kept watch to make sure that we were not overheated. Maria was our cheerleader and brought some really good potato salad. Caitlin was the provider as she came with hotdogs and chips. Elizabeth (who could not make it) provided everyone with scented fabric coolant.
We now have to find a way to remove the stumps from the land and level it. Once those two tasks are complete we can start shooting. I know that I am forgetting to mention several people and things, but I am sore all over and not quite thinking straight. Thanks again to all who participated and hung out with us. If you have any suggestions on how we can remove those stumps and get the ground leveled please let me know.

Robert of Coleford

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