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Tue Sep 11 09:42:43 PDT 2012

Ansteorran Gazette for September 2012



This month I'll be brief. I've already welcomed HE Gerold von
Drachenhohle to the office of Eclipse Herald. He and Tostig have my
unending gratitude for their service. Applications for Solstice Herald
(Coastal Region) are currently open and will remain so through the end
of the month. Please send all apps to me and CC Alisone. Please
consider donating some of your time to the remaining fall tournaments,
as they may very well be in need of field and site heralds.

I look forward to seeing some of you out and about.


Status of ILoIs

ILoI 2012-02: Commentary closed March 2012.
LoI 2012-03. Laurel meeting June. LoAR published.

ILoI 2012-03: Comments closed April 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-04. Laurel meeting July. LoAR published.

ILoI 2011-04: Comments closed May 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-05. Laurel meeting August. Pending LoAR publication.

ILoI 2011-05: Comments closed June 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-06. Laurel meeting September.

ILoI 2011-06: Comments closed July 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-07. Laurel meeting October.

ILoI 2011-07: Comments closed August 10, 2012.
LoI 2012-08. Laurel meeting November.

ILoI 2011-08: Comments due September 10, 2012.
Decision meeting and LoI September.

ILoI 2011-09: Comments due October 10, 2012.
Decision meeting and LoI October.

Upcoming Meetings:

* September 15th - Decision Meeting (2012-07 ILoI) @ TBD
* October 20th - Decision Meeting (2012-08 ILoI) @ TBD

Internal Letter of Intent 2012-09

1: Aedan Wolfden - New Name & New Device
2: Aoife inghean Tuathail - New Device
3: Catarina Francesca Magdelena della Scalla - Resub Device
4: Catherine Barbary - New Badge
5: Gregor Elfingstone - New Badge
6: John Tarl Brown - New Name & New Device
7: Lemoine de Gascony - New Badge
8: Lemoine de Gascony - New Badge
9: Sabiha al-Zarga' bint hakim al'-Attar - New Name & New Device
10: Þorin Stáli - New Name
11: Turstin Fullewynd - New Name & New Device

ILoI 2012-09 can be found here:

Internal Letter of Decision 2012-07

Administrative Actions

Forwarded to Laurel

Returned for further work.
1: Andreas von Meissen - New Badge

July 2012 Internal Letter of Intent

Forwarded to Laurel

1: Adelaide de Ruthven - New Device
2: Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza - New Badge
3: Amalia Zavattini - New Badge
4: Amalia Zavattini - New Badge
5: Caiterína O'Hara - New Name
6: Catarina Francésca Magdalèna della Scala - New Name
7: Dietrich Wyß - Resub Device
8: Kazimir Liskovich syn Volkov - New Name & New Device
Returned for further work

1: Catarina Francésca Magdalèna della Scala - New Name &

Pended for further consideration
1: Þorin Sáli - New Name

Full letter and text of decision can be found here:

Internal Collated Commentary 2012-07 can be found here:

The external Letter of Intent for August 2012 can be found here:

A list of items currently in progress can be found here:

Further details on the status of items at Laurel can be found here:

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