GL - Trip to the Fabric District

Richard Culver rbculver at
Sat Feb 5 10:02:44 PST 2000

>Hey folks - what do you think about this?  Are you interested in stopping 
>by Lady Suzanna's place?  Since we are going as a group, I think this 
>should be a group decision.

I have no problem.  I figure the more people we get to know and meet, the 
better.  Not to mention if we are going to pursue being an active part of 
Steppes, we should accept such friendly things from our fellows in the 

  As an extention of this, I had mentioned the idea to Wolf of us hosting 
the Baronial populace at some point.  Everything from July out is open on 
their schedule which His Excellency Fritz handed to us at populace.


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