GL - Glaslyn's upcoming Mini-tournament

Pandora Faeri at
Sat Feb 19 02:57:46 PST 2000

Hi peoples!

Due to things beyond my control (read: the flu) I wasn't able to
move from my bed in the past week. What did I miss? I saw the
announcement and it looks spiffy! How can I help? Cookies?
(Sorry about not bringing them to the last meeting, Wolf, I'll
make you your own batch soon, I promise) Anything? Anything at
all? I want to be helpful, dag nabit!

*Michelle, I got your message, sorry I couldn't get back to you
sooner, hope you get this. I'll try calling in the afternoon. I
asked about the Concert Hall for Wednesday and it is booked
until 8, from 8-10 it is free, though, is that alright or should
we try for another night or someplace else?

Ok, back to my hole, let me have info!!!

Rae of the Brucelings
faeri at
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