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Mon Feb 21 11:52:04 PST 2000

The lounge here in our Department is available at night AND on the weekends.  WE can use it free.  It's big enough for populace meeting, dance practice and any other workshops that we want to hold.  All I have to do is reserve it in advance.

We can look at it tonight after we go to the church if you want.


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This sounds okay to me.  Anyone else up for using the Concert Hall this week
and seeing what else comes available in the next couple of weeks?
If yes, how do I get there and what is the parking situation like?
If not, what suggestions do we have for dancing?  Somewhere else this week
or wait for the next non-pop Wednesday?  I'm very flexible in this.

In service,

> *Michelle, I got your message, sorry I couldn't get back to you
> sooner, hope you get this. I'll try calling in the afternoon. I
> asked about the Concert Hall for Wednesday and it is booked
> until 8, from 8-10 it is free, though, is that alright or should
> we try for another night or someplace else?
> Ok, back to my hole, let me have info!!!
> Rae of the Brucelings
> faeri at
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