GL - Organizing Potluck

Pandora Faeri at
Wed Feb 23 05:06:46 PST 2000

I'll be bringing chocolate chip cookies if someone with a
working oven will let me borrow it sometime between 5 and 7 on
Friday or before the event on Saturday. Are we using the kitchen
there? Could I possibly attack their oven?

Rae of the Brucelings

--- Magdalena <magdlena at> wrote:
> Hi!
>     Time to organize who is planning to bring what for the
> potluck.  Llew is bringing the turkeys.  Lavina, David,
> Capricia, & I (mostly Lavina!) have baked bread.  I'm
> planning to bring 5 gallons of lemonade.  Wolf mentioned a
> tray of fresh vegetables.  Does anyone else already have
> plans to bring something specific?
> If you need ideas, we could use:
> water, tea
> cheese
> spreads for bread
> fruit
> -Magdalena
> PS: Does anyone else have a drink cooler they are willing to
> bring?
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