GL - potluck this weekend

Magdalena magdlena at
Fri Feb 25 15:06:25 PST 2000


       To eat, we have fried turkey, bread, fruit, cheese, a
casserole, a mushroom dish, a middle eastern pastry dish, a
salmon dish, and cookies if Rae found an oven.  (If you
didn't, call me at 383-9458)  For drinks, I'll be bringing 5
gallons of lemonade, and the makings for tea.  If Llew &
Afan bring a drink cooler, and Ceinwen brings hers, that'll
be 15 gallons of liquids.  I think that that should be
enough.  (Thanks to everyone who offered!)  Should I plan to
make sugared or unsugared tea?  I'm thinking 1 cooler of
lemonade, 1 of tea, and one of water.

    Did I miss anyone or anything?


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