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Hey everyone,
a few brief responses...
The title of Harbormaster must be EARNED, it is not an appointment.
Creativity counts, and we will hope Nature is not so eager to provide
"atmosphere" this year.....( Hint: Last year, there were actual, real
life sea creatures on site--ask Aslyn)

I have a couple of books re: Greek mythology which can give us the
outline about Neptune and his band of merry sea nymphs ( or was that
sprightly water nymphs...?) I will bring something to business meeting.
Let's make a final decision then about the theme.  We will only have
printed advertising availabel for the May Blackstar...

Re: tokens... I personally am in favor of easy and fast...Fritz may have
more useful comments here-

FYI, the cooking competition is traditionally run by the previous winner
( in this case HL Giulianna), the A&S by the Steppes Artisan ( Katya or
Mikal Colqhuon are in touch with Lodovico and could confirm his
participation), the embroidery competition is Mistress Kalida's baby,
and she can handle all aspects of that (I will call her to confirm).
The bardic competition, as I recall, has been judged by the baron in the
past.  I will be pleased to attend to that role ( and will ask the
assistance of our Bard, Mistress Aslyn).  Thank you, Stephania, for
volunteering to coordinate the competition. Let's talk at business
meeting about your ideas.

Re: Prize Coordination--I have the list from last year ( will also bring
it to business); Aslyn was last year's coordinator and probably has the
list, too.  We inherited a few Warlord-specific prizes from last year;
let's see what they are so we don't duplicate unnecessarily.

Re: Invitations--Borek, Alys, Lassair; Edwin; let's talk at business
meeting about the parameters of the invitation list....

RE: Borek's efforts inspiring hurt feelings or causing an impediment to
anyone:  Borek, I am sure that is not the case.  We are grateful for
your initiative.  If we receive other bids and if another bid were
chosen, I am sure your prep work would be treasured.  We just want
everyone to know that they have a fair shake at this.  Everyone, please
don't stop working.  Your spirit is awe-inspiring.  Fritz and I will
continue to support you all in your noble efforts on behalf of our
beloved Barony.   I  remain,
In service to The Steppes and Ansteorra,

Lady Steppes
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