GL - Non SCA armor day

Richard Culver rbculver at
Wed Mar 22 07:44:13 PST 2000


   As I mentioned briefly before war, my father was planning to come up to 
Denton to talk about various subjects of WWII.  For those who were 
interested, it will be this Saturday at Centurion Airaklee's house.  We are 
asking people to show up between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. Sorry if this is too 
late of notice.

  Please respond privately for directions and forward this to anyone who may 
be interested.  I will be at Steppes baronial populace Thursday night as 
well so I can give information there.

Thank you,
(Rich Culver)

P.S.:  If the weather is nice and their is time at the end of the day, 
Airaklee has a decent sized backyard should anyone want a pick up fight. :)

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