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Richard Culver rbculver at
Wed Mar 22 08:11:37 PST 2000

   I received this today as a result of the announcement I sent to the 
various Kingdom Seneschals.  I did respond privately, but I sure she would 
be willing to answer any questions anyone might want to know about the 
founding years.

>Greetings, mi'lord Cyniric!
>I have just read with delight your post (forwarded by our Kingdom 
>regarding the book you are preparing.  While I must apologize for not being
>able to contribute anything of worth to your endeavors in that regard, I 
>feel the need to contact you, nevertheless, for I am one of the founding
>members of Glaslyn.
>I was attending North Texas for my undergraduate degree when (the now) Don
>Eule von Hagenbald (Don Avatar) spirited me and another friend off to the
>Texas Ren Faire, where we met the SCA.  That was the fall of 1980, and by 
>spring of the next year we were bugging the people in Steppes to let us 
>a Canton.  I had heard several times that the canton had passed beyond the
>vail, and am quite happy to see it has not.  I have many fond memories of
>those early days, and friends I still keep in touch with, despite the years
>and miles.
>If you are truly adventurous, ask Duke Inman about reciting Hamlet's
>soliloquey with a Texas twang at one of our feasts.  ;-)  It was 
>delivered, both as serious drama, and as satire.  I have yet to see the 
>I wish you all the best in your endeavors, Society and Modern, and hope all
>good fortune comes your way.
>And thank you for a reminder of a warm place in my past.
>Yours in Service,
>Elana Blakefenn
>Seneschal, Barony of Dreiburgen
>Kingdom of Caid
>AKA  Cheri Martin, Bachelor of Music, 1984
>          Elana of Darkmiste Keepe
>          Midnight
>SCAElana at

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