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The following information is for those who wish to attend Glaslyn 
dance on Wednesday nights (yes, that would be tonight). Thanks 
Lavina for getting these directions out for us. You are a jewel 
among women.

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Take I-35 to the Avenue D exit and go North.  Go to Eagle and turn
right.  Then turn left on Avenue C (at the traffic light).  Turn left
on Sycamore.  Park on the left there in front of McConnell hall 
is metered parking).  Walk down the hill (that's East) to Masters 
(Chemistry Building).  It's on the right at the bottom of the hill.

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> The dancing thing is in Masters Hall (also called the Chemistry
> Building), Room 211.  Parking is a nightmare.  The closest place to
> park is on the corner of Avenue C and Sycamore.  Park in front of
> McConnell hall (which is a dorm).  There is some metered parking
> there.  Walk down the hill from 
the parking lot.  You will cross the street and on the left is a big
parking lot.  Don't park there, you will get a ticket.  On the right
is the back of Bruce Hall (a dorm) and the next building is the
chemistry Building.  You can either come in the backdoor and
immediately take those stairs.  Or you can walk around to the front 
the building and enter from there. > >

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