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Susan Brockington susanb at
Fri Mar 24 06:08:24 PST 2000

TO:  Everyone in Glaslyn:

We had a wonderful time last night at the garb workshop.  4 of us 
managed to get 2 tunics completely made and "parts" of several 
others done.

We have also started a loaner feast gear box.  So far we have,  a 
set of 4 small matching wooden bowls, 3 other small wooden 
bowls, 3 napkins, 2 spoons a set of wooden candle holders and 3 
napkins.  A good start anyway.  Any contributions are welcome.

Also, as requested as last nights' garb workshop, here's that link to 
the Italian Garb website:

Check it out.  It's pretty neat.  I got a message from HL 
Allessandre who says (I'm quoting here) "but watch out for those 
who cite Victorian research in their costuming sources -

See everyone Wednesday night at populace.

In service to this dream we live,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous
Acting Minister of A&S
Canton of Glaslyn

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