GL - Dallas Symphony Ticket available...

Richard Culver rbculver at
Thu Nov 16 05:34:53 PST 2000


   Sorry to waste people's time, but I am looking for someone as a companion 
this Friday night for the Dallas Symphony.  My father has season tickets and 
will not be using his this Friday evening.
   Should someone grovel enough, I might be willing to forego the event 
myself to let a couple go. :)
   I have to drive to Dallas to get the tickets from my father so anyone 
interested may have to be ready as early as 6 PM though I need to confirm 
the time schedule with Dad.

   They will be premiering a new piece, then a second piece I cannot 
remember, and Tchaikowski's First Symphony.

Please contact privately.

Richard B. Culver
(Cyniric Cyniwarding)
rbculver at
wegfahrer at
home: 940.243.9912
work: 940.565.4353 or .3895

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