GL - No A&S Workshop tomorrow

Susan Carol Tribble susant at
Sat Nov 18 07:59:48 PST 2000

Sorry for sending this out so late, but I've been swamped lately.

Anyway, the November A&S Workshop - "Easy Period Pot-Luck Recipes" will
NOT take place tomorrow, November 17.  I have spoken to Lady Magdelana
who is checking her calendar to see about a date in December.  

December is a hectic time for everyone, especially college students.  The
1st full week of December is deadweek and many assignments are often due
then.  Finals week is December 11-16.

Conflicting Kingdom Calendar Events for December are:

December 3 - Squires and Cadettes Invitational (Clearlake, TX)
December 10 - The day after Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel
December 17 - Seawind's Defender (Corpus Christi, and Academy of the Sword
(San Antonio)
December 24 - Christmas Even (Kingdom Calendar is open)
December 29 - Golden Hart Rapier Tourney (San Antonio)

Possible A&S Workshops for December that I propose are:
1) Easy Period Pot-Luck Recipes
2) Finishing the banners that we started in October
3) Feasts, feast gear, and period table decorations (to prepare us for the
upcoming feasting/coronation season) 
4) I'm open to suggestions anything else that doesn't involve spending 
lots of money (right here at Christmas and the feasting season).  Yes I
know that's a selfish statement.

At the November 29 meeting we will discuss a date and workshop.

Yours in Service,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous
Minister of A&S, Canton of Glaslyn


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