GL - December Populace

Kellie Hardy khemail at
Sun Nov 26 19:46:50 PST 2000

Greetings to All good gentles of the Steppes and her Cantons (and our
happy Incipient Shire neighbors!),

We wanted to remind everyone that December Populace will be held at
Fritz and Catrin's house on DECEMBER 21st (that is different than what
is printed in the Steppes Schedule).  There will be no "topic" after the
bits of business announcements, only a fun Holiday Party.   We will set
out the nice serving platters full of gourmet party foods, play cheesy
Holiday music, drink wassail and have a silly White Elephant gift
exchange.  Please bring one wrapped gift per person in your party.  I
will give a real prize to the person who brings the most outrageously
tacky gift. We're talkin' Flea Market Tacky, not adult store tacky.  Get
out there and get something gross, and wrap it up and bring it!
We look forward to seeing everyone at November Populace, at Erc and
Adelicia's this Thursday, and mark your calendars for December...

Fritz and Catrin

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