GL - Happy announcement

Richard Culver rbculver at
Mon Nov 27 05:57:05 PST 2000

>Also, she has chosen the name of Joan.  (Here's some work for you Cyniric,
>oh Herald of ours...).

  Talking sweet does not get it done any faster.  I still have not 
registered _my_ name. :)  Wasn't there some "frog" woman with that name? :) 
(I know Wolf that is just one more waiting for me to get better soon)

>Yours in Service,
>Lady Lavina del Bakhous
>A&S Minister, Canton of Glaslyn
>and Canton Rebel Rouser

   I thought Rebel Rouser was LLew's job.  Oh yeah I forgot he gets in 
trouble for it. :)


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