GL - Mystery Night

Susan Carol Tribble susant at
Thu Nov 30 13:39:28 PST 2000

We have an A&S scheduled on the 3rd of this month?  Hum..  Maybe my mind
is  failing me.  I thought Lady Magadelna was gsoing to check her schedule
and see about a Easty Pot-Luck Feast class sometime later this month.
Then if I had been able to show up last night, there were 4-5 other
workshops that we could have discussed.

I'm open to suggestions.  Something cheap and just PLEASE don't make the
10th of December!!!!!

A&S Minister, Canton of Glaslyn

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, G.R.Rhine wrote:

> While everyone, who participated, made a very good showing, alas 
> our seneschal, won.
> Next meeting is Business on the 13th of Dec
> We are also scheduled to have an A&S on the 3rd. What is the 
> subject? 
>  ~A~
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