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Thu Nov 30 14:47:47 PST 2000


	I have just put the December calendar online. The A&S subject 
is still in question, so I'm not sure what will happen there. I will put 
the information up as soon as I get it.

	Please check the calendar, and make sure I haven't made any 
mistakes. If you have corrections, please send them to me at 
grrhine at

	Also as per our "Princes in the Tower" discussion last night, 
please send information about your research. For those who did 
not participate in the debate, it would be nice to have your thoughts 
as well. I'll figure out some format, and submit it for your approval. 
This canton research thing is groovy!!!

	Cyniric... just wanted to let you know that I did locate that 
paper you gave to me. I will get it online asap. Thanks for being so 

	We still need articles... send them along. Something about 
holiday traditions would be lovely! We also discussed doing the 
persona pages... does anyone have theirs done? I didn't think so... 
me either. :( Send what you can, when you can.

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