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Pug Bainter serveradmin at
Tue Sep 5 08:58:00 PDT 2000

Good Morning,

  This is a call for applications. I am in need to fill two positions
  from the on-line populace of Ansteorra. For a long time I have been
  able to do these duties by myself, but with my recent trip to the West
  Kingdom and then followed by Pennsic I have felt the desire to get
  assistance. This is probably a decision that is long overdue because
  of travel, but better late then never.

  The first position is a co-administrator for the Ansteorra and
  Ansteorra-Announce mailing lists. This individual needs to have
  experience with mailing list adminstration, in particular answering
  users requests, dealing with bounced email, and missent email. It
  would be desirable if they have experience with Majordomo mailing
  lists and able to use Perl scripts from their mail program to deal
  with moderation requests.

  The second position is a deputy Administrator for the Kingdom Server.
  This position will be expected to deal with simple system admin tasks
  on the Ansteorran server in what is expected to be semi-high available
  capacity. The types of tasks that will be expected are mailing list
  creation and modification, creation accounts and assisting officers 
  when they have problems, updates to the webserver when necessary, and
  other common tasks. This individual needs to have experience with Unix
  system adminstration in an Internet environment. It would be desirable
  if they have experience with RedHat Linux, Apache webserver, WU-FTPD,
  and Majordomo administration. In addition, this individual must also
  provide proof of membership in the SCA.

  Please send letters of introduction and application to myself at:

  Pug Bainter
  1502 Choquette
  Austin, TX 78757
  serveradmin at

  The deadline for applications is October 31st.

In Service,
Ansteorra Mailing List Admin
Kingdom Server Admin

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