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Wed Sep 6 12:02:04 PDT 2000

I think we have enough consensus from our last populace meeting. Put your
info out on the web and I will contact Larissa and let her know that we will
put in a bid.


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I don't think they will let us reserve the parking lot. That would
require that they actually close the park to other visitors. At this
point we are looking at only about 35 light weapons fighters... and
as it is the middle of December, I can't see that there should be a
problem with parking spaces.

> It sounds great. Can we contact the park services to make sure we can
> reserve the parking lot also. We might want to get a list of hotels
> and motels in the area and perhaps a list of house where crash space
> would be available.

This would be a wonderful idea. We should coordinate that with
Duchess Larissa, as she may have already planned for that.

Now, I need to get information to her (in the form of some kind of
bid) sometime today...Wolf, let me know when you think we have
enough consensus.


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