GL - Pot-Luck Feast at Event

Susan Carol Tribble susant at
Thu Sep 7 06:50:22 PDT 2000

I think Magdalena has a WONDERFUL! idea here.  Maybe for the month of
October or November our A&S workshop could be easy period recipes.  Maybe
we could talk Magdalena and/or Sebastian in to teaching the class (hint,

Any takers?  As always, let me know and I'll reserve our meeting room.
Oh, there's a kitchen there, too....


On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Magdalena wrote:

> Perhaps I'm being silly, but I'd really like to earn a name for Glaslyn for
> persona "living the dream" type things.  Could we perhaps do a potluck with
> period foods?  I (and Sebastion) could provide anyone who wanted them with good
> easy-to-make period recipes.  I know that there are _lots_ of great cooks in
> this group.
> -Magdalena
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